A failure to maintain the appropriate postural alignment in musical professionals can result in severe back problems and pain at a later stage. When the spine is not in the proper position, it will lead to inhibitions in performance capabilities and requires encouraging correct posture in your musicians. Alignment will minimize the development of chronic conditions that affect stability and the means to reach full playing potential.

correct posture when playing an instrument

According to Mark Davies, a chiropractor in Rayleigh, Essex, it is important to instill the correct postural awareness in children as they learn. “I see a number of musicians over the course of a year with elbow, shoulder and lower back problems due to poor postural alignment. When they show me how they actually play I can see where they are placing undue stress upon joints and muscles. They have played this way most of their lives, and over time they have aggravated that part of their body.

It would be better if they had learned to play in a manner that worked with their body, rather than against it. Bringing this awareness to children as they learn could save them difficulties later in life.

Many musicians are unaware of the impact that posture can have on the quality of playing including subtle changes in the delivery of tone and beat. Managing the appropriate ergonomics proves most beneficial for musical players as it protects against the development of chronic conditions that affect spinal stability and predispose one to repetitive stress injuries. Methods such as The Alexander Technique have beome popular as it is increasingly recognised thet changes in structure will negatively impact wellness and the ability to maintain a functional position to effectively play instruments. more_link_text